Impact Package

Case studies that shine a light on your impact

Impact Case Studies: Communication Package

Tell the world about your impact with our done-for-you communication package of case studies


Does this sound like you?

You’ve been working hard on research or policy projects for a while. You know that there are some great things happening, on-the-ground and in-the-field.

The projects are working! They’re creating value for customers or end users.

The problem is…

No one knows about all this effort or the results!

You haven’t had the time or the headspace to follow up with project partners and end users to communicate and tell the stories of impact.

The project milestones keep ticking over but impact measurement… ahem… ‘leaves a bit to be desired’, as they say. You know there’s some great stories there, that might even make a journalist or The Minister sit up and take notice…


What’s included in the Impact Package

A suite of impact case studies (5 or 10 packages available). Each case study includes:

  • quotes from interviews with end users or customers
  • short, to-the-point messages about the impact (so that readers understand how you helped make a difference)
  • compelling, plain English copy that aligns with your Style Guide
  • images from subject matter experts, or customers, or stock libraries to use across channels.

You can have a safe pair of hands to capture the impact your projects are having, while you can get on with your day-to-day work.


We’ll look after the crucial information gathering process and write compelling case studies that will have your stakeholders sitting up and taking notice. Within weeks you’ll have a suite of impact case studies ready to use across all your communication channels.

Want more? We can track your projects over time to gather more case studies, and advise you on how to implement simple impact measures to make future project reporting easier.

Why we can be your trusted partner


We work with clients in innovation and science, tech, engineering, maths (STEM). We have an experienced team of communicators and impact consultants who’ve completed projects for government agencies, businesses and not-for-profit organisations.

We develop and implement creative and high-quality communication and marketing outputs to solve business and organisational challenges.

In short: We work with the passionate people behind the science, tech and innovation that matters.

Read more about the projects we’ve delivered for clients.

Bring your impact out into the light!

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​We understand impact

The role and benefits from STEM can be debated or ignored. This can be because of the political and complicated nature of our current times, or simply because nobody hears enough about the benefits.

This is part of the reason why having examples of positive impact, with insights from customers and end users, can be so helpful.

Innovate Communicate is passionate about implementing best practice science communication and marketing while working with innovative leaders in STEM.

We can help you articulate why you do what you do, what your results mean, how your organisation/brand stands apart from others and how you create value. 

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