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Words matter. Leave the science speak or techno babble behind.

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Communication skills are core skills. We all need them to live! Plus they are useful for connecting with our family members and colleagues, as a start.

Science, technology, engineering and maths concepts may be easy for you to understand, if you work in STEM. But concepts and processes can be complex and difficult to explain in general terms.

Words… Ideas… Reason… Knowledge… Influence…

Writing is a crucial part of communication, which is a crucial part of science and innovation.

Does this sound like you?

  • struggling to get the time and space to sit and write
  • feeling invisible and unable to share your message
  • don’t know how to tell your science news story
  • not sure what to write or how to get it in front of the people that matter to you
  • not sure what is ‘popular science’ and can’t think of an easy and interesting way to describe your work or results
  • wondering how to intrigue someone so they keep reading past the first paragraph.

At Innovate Communicate we want you to have clarity and to feel comfortable communicating with your stakeholders.

Imagine what it would be like to have your true message, purpose and personality shining through. Whether you need fact sheets, webpages, media releases or reports.

You can have a freelance science writer and editor by your side to help you make your impact.

Writing about science, technology, engineering and maths

All STEM professionals need to communicate about their work.

In some organisations there is a moral duty to communicate with a range of audiences. In other cases, there is a commercial imperative.

Writing is a valuable type of communication as it can be easily digested and distributed. When we talk about writing we include scientific writing, technical writing, grant writing and ‘plain English’ writing… The best format all depends on your audiences and your goals.

Good writing can:

  • elicit thoughts, feelings and emotions in the reader (why would you want that? Read this HBR blog post)
  • demonstrate why your work is important and deserves funding and attention
  • share knowledge, inspire and empower people (taking your research closer to broader impact)
  • encourage people to take an action
  • attract more media coverage and sharing of your story on social media.


When writing you need… clarity, energy, creativity and a laser-sharp focus on the target audiences and what they will take from the information.

Man with beard and glasses sitting in front of laptop

We understand what you’re dealing with

We know that you’re busy. Whether you’re conducting research, managing multidisciplinary projects and teams, or creating new products to sell; there is a lot going on.

As experienced freelance science writers and consultants, with skill and flair, we can take some of the pressure off you and make you look good.

We can take existing information, technical papers, your ideas (written or verbal) and create products that are:

  • targeted to your audience/s
  • produced with the end product in mind (for example, webpages, social media, brochures, white paper)
  • accurate
  • interesting
  • high quality (well-structured and error- and jargon-free).

“The way we write really matters. If we write in ways that are unintelligible to other people, I think that’s a huge problem.”

Dr Jen Martin, Let’s Talk SciComm podcast episode 6

Our science science writing, editing, content services and packages

Need a writer?

We can produce:

  • media releases (press releases)
  • feature articles
  • webpage content and blogs
  • reports
  • fact sheets, brochures, education kits (with graphic design)
  • training manuals and slide decks
  • social media posts.

Need an editor?

We can edit draft academic writing, scientific writing or scientific papers. We also have extensive experience editing grant applications and award nominations (for example, Prime Minister’s Prizes for Science, Eureka).

We offer editing services from substantive editing (advice on structure and the big picture) to proofing (looking for the typos and tiny inconsistencies that can look unprofessional).

Need a content plan?

Knowing what to produce and when can be crucial for effective marketing and communication with your stakeholders. We can help with a content plan that maps all your written products together with rich media (for example, videos) so you have a practical, actionable plan for the next 6-12 months.

We offer a number of packages. But if you don’t see what you need, get in touch.

Writing and content packages

Innovate Communicate helps you show why your innovation matters

Say it with Style, a STEM writing package

For organisations and individuals working in science, technology, engineering and mathematics. Includes:

  • 1 x Feature article including interviews/quotes
  • 4 x Simple articles / blog posts including interviews/quotes
  • 4 x Case studies for an end-user, industry or government audience.

All outputs are targeted to your audience, including suggestions for photos and search engine optimisation (SEO). You can publish on your organisation’s channels or pitch to independent outlets or journalists.

Innovate Communicate strategy packages for communication and marketing

Early Career Researcher Visibility Package

Are you an early career researcher (or ‘new scientist’) wanting to increase your visibility? The ECR Visibility Package is for you.

It includes:

  • 60-minute discovery session where we’ll talk about your work, passion and your goals
  • a tailored blog post for your LinkedIn profile or your organisation’s website (or somewhere else)
  • 10 social media posts that complement your story
  • a short written bio or a review of your existing bio, for LinkedIn, websites or funding applications.


Innovate Communicate helps you show why your innovation matters

'Get it out there' Content Pack

When you realise you have a backlog and those articles simply aren’t getting written and published! Great for delivering on end of financial year deadlines!


  • up to a 1-hour consult to clarify your priorities, audiences, story angles and ideal outlets
  • 10 x Simple articles / blog posts including interviews/quotes.

All outputs are targeted to your audience, including suggestions for photos and search engine optimisation (SEO). You can publish on your organisation’s channels or pitch to independent outlets or journalists.

Innovate Communicate workshops, events and training

Content plan

We will pull together a content plan that aligns with your communication and marketing strategy.

It includes:

  • 60-minute discovery session where we’ll talk about your strategy and how you’re currently creating information / content
  • a review of your existing planning (documents and processes)
  • giving you clarity around what’s working, what’s not and advice on how to fix it
  • a written content plan either in a document, spreadsheet or Trello board for you to review and re-use over and over again.


Why choose us for your freelance science writing?

Here’s four reasons:

  1. all our writers have STEM, research or science/STEM policy backgrounds
  2. all our writers have experience in scientific writing, medical writing, academic writing, science journalism or science communication
  3. we are passionate about helping our clients earn more, collaborate more and achieve greater impact
  4. we are experienced consultants; we understand business, deadlines and delivery.


Get the freelance writing and content marketing support you want

If you are a scientist who wants to communicate and connect with people more effectively, we can help you with our tailored science writing and editing services.

If you’re a communication or marketing manager with a focus on innovation, we can help you reduce your workload and tick off those writing, editing and content projects. Outsource now to experienced freelance writers, editors and content strategists.

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