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Science communicator and agency, Canberra, Australia

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Innovate Communicate is a specialist communication, engagement and marketing consultancy working with science, technology, engineering and changemaker individuals and organisations.

Our purpose: to unlock the potential from impact-focused STEM and innovation to contribute to a better world.

Our vision: we see a world where the Sustainable Development Goals are achieved for peace and prosperity for all.

Our values:

  • Integrity: being a good human
  • Inclusion: open and collaborative
  • Innovation: exploring, curious, generating original ideas with purpose
  • Depth: super attentive to develop profound understanding
  • Possibility: optimistic about what could be.

Founded by Claire Harris

I’m Claire Harris and I started Innovate Communicate in 2015 after working in marketing-communication and science for 15 years.

I am grateful that I get to work with innovative, passionate people in scientific and technical fields to help them more effectively communicate and connect with stakeholders to achieve positive impact.

The thing is, I know that most people in STEM are run off their feet. So many meetings. So much admin. So many projects… And the weeks and months go by and you haven’t had a chance to share what’s going on and why it’s important or ask customers for feedback.

You want to bring stakeholders in to guide your work and also take them along for the ride but it seems too hard to connect with them.

Good news? It doesn’t have to be like this

You can have a trusted communication and marketing team to work with you on everything from strategy to storytelling to creating events.

Image of Claire Harris Founder Innovate Communicate, sitting on a chair.

Why work with Innovate Communicate?

The Innovate Communicate team brings experience and skills in strategy, communication, marketing, research, project management and evaluation. The team includes experts in education, training, performance and graphic design.

Your ‘safe pair of hands’, we are here to deliver a range of communication and marketing services. These include: strategy and planning; writing and editing; publications; workshops and events.

Other things we think are worth knowing:

  • Innovate Communicate only works in STEM sectors and with innovators meaning we understand the context you’re working in
  • we couple our experience and passion with creativity and integrity
  • we believe that science and innovation can create a better society but it needs to be connected with stakeholders, enabling dialogue and collaboration.

Clients, panels and memberships

Some of our clients

Panels and memberships

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Innovate Communicate is proud to be listed on the following panels:

  • Australian Government BuyICT panel (SON ID: SON3413842), Digital Transformation Agency and part of the National Innovation and Science Agenda.
  • Services Australia Creative and Digital Communication Panel 2019-2022 (SON ID: SON3637213)
  • Defence Support Services Panel.


Organisations that Claire or Innovate Communicate is a member of:

Innovate Communicate is proud to be a Supporter of Veterans‘ Employment.

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