Changemaker Career and Craft Hub

Dickson, Canberra

Thanks to everyone who attended and contributed to these events.

What was it about?

The Changemaker Career and Craft Hub offered a series of purpose-focused pop-up activations for adults and children, in Dickson Village. It was inspired by the Dickson Place Plan and secured a grant from the City Renewal Authority, ACT Government.

The key aims were:

  1. To provide interesting and motivational activations that encouraged community, people to learn something and potentially consider how they can be a changemaker; either through starting a business, changing jobs or volunteering. (The target audience through marketing messages was adults, particularly parents and others on a career break or looking for a change in their work.)
  2. To find, share stories of and draw together local changemakers with the community to spark conversations, connections and potentially action. This was delivered through the workshops and media and online coverage. I targeted local business owners as much as possible to showcase Dickson locals and spark potential connections.
  3. Create a child-friendly and family welcoming space and demonstrate how popup activities can be beneficial for bringing families in to an area, to stop and enjoy/relax, and help to create ‘a village’.
  4. Promote the concept of for-purpose craft, where people could contribute a small part towards a bigger project, making Brave Bots to give to kids in hospital.

Some of the highlights

  • Over 150 people were recorded as visiting the Workshop and Craft and Catch-up Zones. There were also many observers and people who ‘stood by and watched’ and soaked up the scene.
  • The key themes around why they were interested in attending were:
    • Connecting with others
    • Local events
    • Sustainability / environment / climate change
    • Art and craft
    • Career change
    • Starting a new business
    • Generally interested in the topic / hearing from locals / looking for inspiration.

“My observations during my Dickson Village tour, and Karina’s awesome session, were that our activities were drawing attention and curiosity from locals as we moved around the various spaces. Perhaps locals are not used to seeing people gather like this in the public space, but I think it is a good indication that they welcome opportunities to engage with their community and village in different ways, outside of typical commercial activities. I noticed many people silently observing us, maybe a bit nervous to join, but otherwise happy to see The Village being activated in new ways, and the value in hosting the community to come together to learn, play, and connect.”

— Tim Mahlberg

When were the events?

  • Fri 13 Nov, 10am-12:30pm
  • Fri 20 Nov, 10am-12:30pm
  • Sat 28 Nov, 10am-12:30pm
  • Fri 4 Dec, 10am-12:30pm

What was the format?

A hub with two zones.

1: The Workshop Zone

Each morning will run slightly differently, depending on the workshop facilitators and activities. But what’s on generally: one or two workshops (30-60min) with a fantabulous local changemaker (or three!) or a career coach. YOU’LL NEED TO BOOK.

2: The Craft and Catch-up Zone (open 10:00am to 12:30pm)

Drop in for family-welcoming craft and other activities, coffee and mingling with others. SPACE LIMITED but tickets are NOT required.

What else did people say?

“I thought, felt or learned… Canberra is improving out of sight. I enjoyed… The passion of the people involved and a genuine desire to make the community better. The next step I plan to take is… Volunteer.”


“I thought, felt or learned… I felt comfortable showing with everyone and learned to try & embrace uncertainty more. I enjoyed… Being outside & walking around Dickson while thinking about the bigger picture. The next step I plan to take is… Write list of values & find out why important.”


“I thought, felt or learned… Inspired, connected, thought provoking. I enjoyed… Learning of local initiatives, passions and visions. The next step I plan to take is… Reconnect with people and become more involved.”


Fri 13 Nov: Reimagining how we work

Join Bronwen Jones (architect, place-expert and writer of the Great Place Guide with ACT Government) and Tim Mahlberg (connector, catalyst, changemaker and ‘future of work’ guru) for a short walk and talk around Dickson Village. We’ll explore concepts of comfort, empowerment and connection. Following this walk we will discuss how you feel about the future of your work. Career Strategist and Executive Coach, Karina Dugard (from Evoke Change) will guide a workshop exploring: your hidden powers within and what kind of work you might like to aim for in the future (even if you can’t do it straight away). She will also share an approach to getting clear on your top career values, which can be helpful in future job or business decisions.

Fri 20 Nov: Be the change

What does it mean to ‘be a changemaker’? When we want to change something about ourselves, our lives or our society, how can we go about it most effectively? This workshop, with brilliant entrepreneur and social innovator, Megan Gilmour, will introduce you to a powerful framework to take action on what matters to you. Dive deep in to your psyche (in a fun way!) and unlock your inner changemaker.

Then join Lisa Tozer and Lydia Teychenne as they explore the nuts and bolts of starting on a completely new career path. Lisa Tozer combines her psychology and sales expertise to help her clients overcome stage fright and the stress of putting themselves out there in front of a potential employer or potential business contacts. Here is a fantastic opportunity to pick the brain of one of Canberra’s most dynamic career coaches.

Sat 28 Nov: Sustainability, food, life

Many of the problems we face seem huge! A changing climate, messed up food supply chains, diminishing biodiversity. It’s natural to feel a bit lost and to ask ‘does what I do really matter?’. In this workshop you’ll meet gob-smackingly inspirational people — from an internationally-recognised scientist to local social entrepreneurs, policy-makers and community activists — who are fostering change and working hard to make the wider-Dickson area (and the world) a better place. Come along and ask your questions about anything… backyard sustainability, how to reduce your waste and carbon footprint or what a better food choice could be.

You’ll meet: Emma Mason, Co-owner of Source Bulk Foods (Dickson) and Leadership Coach; Mark Howden, Director, Climate Change Institute at Australian National University; Nicola Lambert, Founder & Director at Create and Sow Community Art Interventions; Lyn Stephens, Founding Member of the Women’s Climate Congress.

Fri 4 Dec: Changing: Business, culture, us

Dickson is known for its diverse cuisine. But dig a little deeper and you’ll see other facets of ‘doing things differently’. Come along to this session and hear from an interesting mix of Dickson business owners and locals creating positive change. They have been on winding career/passion journeys and are adding their own particular flavour to the area. What other businesses or community initiatives could be on the horizon? What change do you want to be part of?

Media coverage and our stories

Read the feature (page 09-20) in the dual-lingual CBR Life magazine

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Contributors to our workshops

These wonderful people will also be contributing their stories, expertise and ideas. (Full biographies available here.)

Bronwen Jones

Bronwen Jones

Architect & Urbanist, Design and Place Strategy at City Renewal Authority

Practicing at the intersection of architecture and city making, Bronwen works at the City Renewal Authority, ACT Government. Involved in city shaping projects, she is able to combine her passions—good design and creating places that bring people together. An experienced design professional, Bronwen’s career has transgressed the boundaries between fashion, interiors, architecture and city making. Blurring the boundaries between disciplines has been a logical progression—all deal with the human body and movement, and all require firmness, commodity and delight—it is really a matter of working with scale and context. Bronwen is a Fellow of the Australian Institute of Architects, the City Organiser for Jane’s Walk in Canberra, and a frequent guest juror for the Faculty of Arts and Design at the University of Canberra.
Tim Mahlberg

Tim Mahlberg

Intrapreneur, Educator, Innovator and Catalyst

Tim founded Australia’s first corporate coworking community, The Village in Melbourne for National Australia Bank’s small business customers and community partners, now with over 2500 members. Tim has had a colourful career spanning corporate, non-profit, academia and retail/hospitality management. Qualified as an organisational psychologist, he has been developing individuals and organisations through their people for over 15 years, now working independently to help “connect the dots” in workplaces and communities, sparking new thinking within organisations, and making change happen. Tim is in the final stages of completing his PhD at the University of Sydney.
Karina Dugard

Karina Dugard

Leadership Coach, Career Strategist and Facilitator

Karina is an experienced executive and career strategy coach with clients across the government, community and private sectors. She specialises in working with new and aspiring leaders to develop their leadership capability and to strategically manage their leadership careers. She is particularly interested in assisting organisations to develop their leadership pipeline and retain their high-performing staff through targeted coaching and career development. With a passion for helping others to be successful and fulfilled in their working lives, Karina works with clients to improve self-awareness, emotional intelligence, productivity, communication and resilience. 
Megan Gilmour

Megan Gilmour

Social innovator, Co-Founder and CEO of Robots4Good, Missing School and Art of Agency

Megan Gilmour is a social innovator who has worked on complex social and economic development operations across 24 countries. She’s a leader in governance and systems, research and advocacy for students with serious illness. In 2017, Megan created the Australian-first national telepresence robot initiative to get sick kids back to school. She’s a Churchill Fellow, a media spokesperson and TEDx Speaker, and was a finalist for the ACT Australian of the Year award in 2018. In 2019 she won ACT Telstra Business Women’s Award in social enterprise, made the Australian Financial Review list of 100 Women of Influence, and won CBW Award for Innovation. 
Lisa Tozer

Lisa Tozer

Interview Coach for Candidates, Trainer for Interview Panelists and Owner of The Interview Coach

Lisa is the owner of The Interview Coach. She is a career coach with particular expertise in helping candidates prepare for job interviews. Lisa works with individuals to help them maximise their personal presentation and use behavioural interview strategies to demonstrate their capabilities. In addition to coaching career transition clients, she has interviewed hundreds of candidates, giving her unique insight into the current applicant market. Lisa’s background includes more than 20 years working in sales, management, training, counselling and coaching in a variety of organisations. She holds a Master’s degree in counselling, a Certificate IV in training and assessment, and is a professional member of the Career Development Association of Australia.
Nicola Lambert

Nicola Lambert

Founder & Director at Create and Sow Community Art Interventions

Nicola Lambert was formally trained as a Printmaker in Limerick School of Art and Design, Ireland. She has been involved in the Arts and Community sector over the past 11 years in various roles, in both Ireland and Australia. She’s a practicing community artist who works in print, textiles, oil paint, assemblage and installation. She’s the Founder and director of Create & Sow Community Art Interventions and the Key artist and creative producer of Studio Connect Canberra for the past 5 years. Over the past year, Nicola has poured her energy into establishing Sullivan Trail. Sullivans Trail is a public and history project developed to engage the community with the waterways through Canberra. Linking ‘Our Mountains to Our Lake’  through the creation of a cultural and creative corridor.
Mark Howden

Mark Howden

Director, Climate Change Institute at Australian National University

Professor Mark Howden is Director of the Climate Change Institute at the Australian National University. He’s also an Honorary Professor at Melbourne University, Vice-Chair of the IPCC and a member of the Australian National Climate Science Advisory Committee. He was on the US Federal Advisory Committee for the 3rd National Climate Assessment and contributed to several major national and international science and policy advisory bodies. He worked on climate variability, climate change, innovation and adoption issues for over 30 years in partnership with many industries, community and policy groups via both research and science-policy roles. Issues he has addressed include agriculture and food security, natural resource base, ecosystems, biodiversity, energy, water and urban systems.
Emma Mason

Emma Mason

Co-owner of Source Bulk Foods (Dickson) and Leadership Coach

Emma runs the Source Bulk Food store with her husband Rowan. She is a passionate ‘zero waster’ who saw an opportunity in Canberra to offer a plastic-free alternative to the pantry and household shopping 3 years ago.
Emma is also the Founder of Life. Done by Design, where she combines her extensive experience as a corporate educator in both private and public organisations with her love of teaching and passion for personal development. With a Bachelor of Arts (Major in Psychology), Graduate Certificate in Education (Adult) and Masters In Knowledge Management, Emma has a love of lifelong learning.
Irene Lemon

Irene Lemon

Ideas-Maker, Innovator, Creative Social Enterprise Accelerator and Development Manager for The Mill House Ventures Ltd

Irene is a performing artist with 20 years’ experience touring in regional NSW. She has worked with a variety of professionals including Academics, International NGO teams, Executives, Project Leaders, and State and Federal Departments to add value through an arts-based lens. Irene is also an award-winning Startup founder, a Country Music Comedian, and a social enterprise development manager. As an ideas-maker and innovation specialist, Irene has mentored more than 1000 entrepreneurs to build viable ventures through a combined focus of learning-by-doing and undertaking accredited qualification pathways that help them understand the theory behind the practical action required to turn unique ideas into viable – and often thriving – business ventures.
Lyn Stephens

Lyn Stephens

Founding Member of the Women's Climate Congress

Lyn Stephens, Director, Membership Circle Lyn has a background in mental health, public sector management, and organisational development consulting. She has had a long interest in dialogue practice and for some years was the director of the ANU Centre for Dialogue. In this role, in 2008 she started the ANU Dialogue Group, a community of practice for dialogue practitioners, which is still active today. She has also been very active in the Art of Hosting Conversations community in Australia and coordinates a support group for AoH practitioners to share ideas and deepen their practice.
David Jacquier

David Jacquier

Founder of Game Candy and Treasurer with TROVE Canberra Cooperative

David Jacquier, retired from soil science after 25 years with CSIRO. He has branched out over the last 2 years and currently works for Oxfam Australia, The Games Capital and Lifeline (telephone counsellor). Most recently he founded Game Candy, where he designs and makes 3D printed products. David is particularly interested in collaborating with other designers and artists, and is keen to work closely with customers to customise his products to suit individual needs.
Bec Taylor

Bec Taylor

Founder of Bec Taylor School of Music

Bec Taylor is a committed educator and has dedicated her life to bringing more joy to Canberra through building a music community. The Bec Taylor School of Music’s mission is to redefine music education, one impassioned student at a time. The school is focused on providing modern music education and a nurturing music community that goes beyond the typical one-on-one tuition offered by many music schools in Canberra and includes the flagship Bandmates program for playing in a band, a weekly free masterclass program and kids classes. Now with over 300 weekly students, 17 inspiring teachers and growing group learning opportunities.
Simon Felgate

Simon Felgate

Operations Manager for Vinnies (Canberra Goulburn)

Vinnies currently run 27 shops in the region from lake Cargelligo in the north down to Merimbula in the south being bordered by Crookwell and Tumut. Simon has been with Vinnies now for five years, originally starting at Vinnies Tuggeranong and then managing Vinnies Dickson, taking it from its old location on Cape Street to its current location on Woolly St. His current role involves supporting the day to day operations of the 27 shops. This includes staff recruitment and helping to develop strategies for recruiting and retaining volunteers for the shops; something that 2020 and COVID-19 has had a significant impact on.
Angel Zhang

Angel Zhang

Co-owner of Super Bao restaurant and Advertising Executive

Angel’s study and work life has been full of changes and turning points. She has a BA degree in Linguistics and a second degree in Public Relationship Management. After graduating, Angel devoted herself to advertising and worked for world-renowned agencies for over 12 years in Shanghai and led branding campaigns for companies like McDonald’s, GE, Tourism Australia and IKEA. Moving to Canberra has provided her with a new life and work perspective. Angel has worked part-time as a teacher, laboratory assistant and a marketing specialist. In 2018 Angel and her partner Paul started the Super Bao brand from a food stall offering handmade gourmet baos. Within a year, Super Bao has grown to open a casual dining restaurant. The vision is to bring authentic Asian flavours to Canberra people in a modern way.
Jhay Mann

Jhay Mann

Place Manager for Dickson (with City Renewal Authority), Business Owner

Jhay Mann has been a small business owner in Dickson for more than two decades. During that time he discovered the importance of place-making and the benefits for local economies. Since 2014, Jhay has worked closely with Dickson locals, businesses and land-owners to activate the Dickson Group Centre through placemaking initiatives like the 7-day makeover. More recently, Jhay started a new role as the Dickson Place Manager for the City Renewal Authority where he works to improve the look and feel, safety and visiting experience for the Dickson Group Centre. Watch this space and follow @CityRenewalCBR to stay up to date with what’s planned for Dickson!
Wendy Moore

Wendy Moore

Artist, Social Changemaker, Teacher

Wendy Moore (OAM) is an artist and teacher who celebrates creativity and colour and encourages the creative spirit in everyone! She believes jewellery can make hearts sing and supports jewellery-making groups internationally, transforming the lives of vulnerable women. In Australia, Wendy’s students have fun and make gorgeous stuff. In Nepal, her students have fun, make gorgeous stuff and sell that stuff to escape the lives of violence. Wendy is one of the artists in TROVE Canberra (located in Dickson) and has exhibited at the Broken Hill Regional Art Gallery and been featured in several international publications including Polymer Clay: Global Perspectives. 
Dr Phil Dooley

Dr Phil Dooley

Science Writer, Videomaker, Presenter and Science Communication Trainer

Dr Phil Dooley is a science performer and MC. He runs Science in the Pub events under the banner of Phil Up On Science, and is a founder of the science comedy theatre collaboration Dramatis Scientifique, that has performed at Adelaide and Sydney Fringe Festivals andQuestacon.

He is also a writer, videomaker, trainer, under the banner Phil Up On Science. He has written for Cosmos, New Scientist and the American Physical Society, and been selected for the Anthology of Best Australian Science Writing three times.

The team behind the event

Claire Harris

Event Producer, Communication-Marketing Strategist

Claire Harris, owner of Innovate Communicate, specialises in strategic communication and marketing for science, tech and engineering organisations. She began her career conducting fisheries research in cane drains but soon realised she was more interested in how people respond and innovate as a result of research. She now helps organisations and individuals communicate their value and make connections that matter. As an advocate for equal opportunity to participate in the economy and society, Claire founded Cowork Coplay, offering coworking with childminding for parents. The Changemaker events for Dickson came from a vision Claire had of highlighting the stories behind the changemakers and businesses in the area and having career and life conversations in a family-welcoming environment.

Lydia Teychenné

Event consultant

Lydia has 20 years’ experience as a producer, event manager, partnership manager and general manager for major performing arts festivals and interdisciplinary arts organisations. She has planned and delivered major programs and produced complex cross-cultural artistic collaborations between Australia, Asia and Europe. She has extensive experience touring Australian productions to international arts festivals. She holds a Bachelor of Dramatic Art from Victorian College of the Arts, and a Master of Diplomacy and Trade from Monash University. Lydia recently co-wrote a chapter on Cultural Diplomacy for Strangers Next Door? Indonesia and Australia in the Asian Century (Hart Publishing). Lydia is currently Program Coordinator for Prince’s Trust Australia for Defence Members and their Families.

Julia Boyd

Marketer and Communicator

Julia Boyd has over a decade’s experience in communications and marketing and has worked for some of Canberra’s premier educational institutions and arts organisations. Julia is passionate about working directly with the Canberra community to get the word out there about why and how we can engage with organisations, in a clear and accessible way. Having worked at the ANU School of Art & Design, ANU Press, Belconnen Arts Centre, White Cube Gallery (London), as a freelancer with Shout Out Arts and most recently with You Are Here Festival, Julia brings a wealth of experience to her marketing and producing roles.

Lucy Ridge

Writer and Event Support

Lucy is a local Canberra chef and freelance writer. She is passionate about food, travel, and sustainability. On weekends you can find her at farmers’ markets sampling all the cheese. Find out more about her at Lucy’s work on her website

Teagan Smith

Event Logistics and Marketing Support, Director of Mentor Your Way

Teagan Smith is a Sales and Marketing strategist who has collaborated with CEOs, Executives and Multi-National Organisations to help them achieve success by implementing solutions based on their unique needs. With a 15-year sales and marketing career portfolio, she has spent time: at Canada’s Central Bank performing market research and analysis; in the NGO world undertaking business development; assisting senior academic administrators in the education sector; and, in multiple sales and project management roles with various global corporations. In addition, she has professionally and personally provided career counseling for over ten years.

COVID-19 protocols

Participant and community safety are a priority for this event. While ACT Government health requirements may change, as of 5 October, to meet them:

  • All participants will be required to pre-book for the workshop sessions (no walk-ins will be allowed, sorry)
  • Seating will be limited in the Craft and Catch-up Zone.
  • There will be hand sanitising stations available and participants are required to sanitise their hands before craft can begin.
  • All craft items/tools will be regularly cleaned and sanitised, as well as at the end of every day.
  • On the day, please keep 1.5 metres of physical distance between yourself and others, and if you are feeling unwell, stay home.

Visit for all the latest health advice.


With support from the ACT Government under the City Renewal Authority’s Dickson Grants program.

Thanks to our other partners

Libraries ACT and Game Plus Fest 2021.

Publication support from RiotACT


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