Strategic communication services to help you stand out and engage

Engagement, marketing and communication services for innovators in STEM

Want to better communicate and connect with your stakeholders?

Your customers or stakeholders might be policy makers, land managers, business owners, customers, politicians or journalists..

There are many reasons for communicating innovation, science, technology, engineering, mathematics… these are just a few examples:

Innovate Communicate helps you show why your innovation matters

Show why your innovation matters

Innovate Communicate helps you to inspire change

Inspire change

Innovate Communicate workshops, events and training

Create products they'll use

With Innovate Communicate, you won’t only work with PR, communications and marketing specialists; you’ll also get a delivery partner that understands what it’s like to work in STEM and innovation.

Quality, creative, on-target services

If you don’t see what you need, get in touch.
Innovate Communicate strategy packages for communication and marketing

communication Strategy

Strategy packages to take you from confused to clear on what you need to do to achieve your impact.

Innovate Communicate workshops, events and training

Stakeholder engagement planning

Not feeling you’re connected with the right people and organisations? Our stakeholder engagement planning service will help you get crystal clear on who do you want to engage with, what your goals are and the methods that will work best for your situation.

Innovate Communicate workshops, events and training

Innovation planning and research

Do you have a problem in your organisation that you think could be solved through new approaches or technology? We can help with innovation planning and research.

Image of eye icon. Strategy is a crucial ingredient for effective communication and marketing

Women in STEM: Impact Program

*In development* Services to help organisations assess then take action on their diversity and inclusion priorities plus programs for women in STEM.

Innovate Communicate workshops, events and training

Workshops and Training

You need to bring people together to work through a strategic question, learn new skills or create a plan? We tailor workshops and training to suit your specific needs. This includes creating training guides, manuals and templates.

Image of eye icon. Strategy is a crucial ingredient for effective communication and marketing

Project management

Need a project manager to step in and get the plan sorted? This could be ensuring you’ve got your PM ‘ducks in a row’ for a traditional or agile approach. You might need: scope of works, product requirements, workplans, stakeholder engagement plan or a process to track progress.

Innovate Communicate helps you show why your innovation matters

Writing and editing

Writing services to help you communicate complex concepts and connect with your stakeholders. We offer a range of outputs from marketing to technical content.

Image of eye icon. Strategy is a crucial ingredient for effective communication and marketing

Public events

We create, manage and deliver public events for all ages. Whether it’s innovation, changemaking or STEAM (science, tech, engineering, the arts, maths), we can design and deliver engaging events and activations.

At Innovate Communicate we want you to have clarity and to feel comfortable communicating with your stakeholders.

Imagine what it would be like to have your funders, collaborators and customers enthusiastically cheering you on and being part of your success.

Feeling overwhelmed?
That communication is in the “too hard” basket?

Perhaps it seems that:

  • writing or pulling together a quality publication needs clarity, energy, focus and creativity
  • developing a strategy can often mean (a lot of) time, research, thought and discussion with everyone involved
  • designing and delivering engaging science outreach, events and workshops can be complicated, with many moving parts
  • producing content that reflects your brand and suits different audiences on digital channels requires attention to detail and creativity
  • your team needs communication training and coaching around engaging with non-technical, diverse audiences
Does it often feel like there are not enough hours in the day to plan how you’re going to market your work or do the scientific communication that’s required to move your projects forward?

Want to connect with your stakeholders?

Many clients we’ve worked with have wanted to do better public engagement. But they haven’t had a communication strategy or an outreach plan.

Some have been too busy to take on another project or team member and others haven’t had science communication skills.

Communication is crucial for research and innovation

Scientists, engineers, technologists are working to answer questions, solve problems and build solutions.
There is always a reason for this effort and a ‘someone else’ that needs to know about it.

Whether you’re working in the area of climate change, technology, agriculture, defence and security, health or environmental science you need effective science communication.

Innovation only works when it’s connected

Innovation is the process of making changes, large and small, radical and incremental, to products, processes, and services that results in the introduction of something new that adds value to customers and contributes to knowledge.

You can’t add value or contribute knowledge without communicating…

Research and development, as part of the innovation ecosystem, can’t exist in a bubble. It needs to be informed by — or designed with — stakeholders, customers or the people who the work affects or is designed for.

We understand your world

At Innovate Communicate, we understand what you’re dealing with. Our expertise spans a range of areas, including strategic planning, science writing, social media, workshops and training and event design and delivery.

Our science communication services are also underpinned by our understanding of the (often) complex R&D and innovation landscape. You’re likely juggling:

  • negotiating funding
  • regular reporting (that may feel never-ending)
  • managing your team/s
  • satisfying regulations
  • responding to requests from inside and outside your organisation
  • keeping up to date with the latest research in your field
  • engaging with policy makers, delivery partners, customers, the media…
A lot that has to happen to deliver effective research outcomes, demonstrate quality and achieve impact.

Why us?

What makes Innovate Communicate different is our significant experience and passion for STEM and innovation. We are science communicators that believe that science and innovation created with stakeholders can have achieve better, broader impacts.

Our science communication services are designed for STEM professionals and researchers who want to amplify their innovations for more equitable societies and environmental sustainability.

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If you’re a communication or marketing manager with a focus on innovation, we can help you reduce your workload and tick off those marketing or communication projects.

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