The need

Every year the Australian Department of Defence participates in National Science Week.

For 2021 the Outreach team in Defence Science and Technology Group had an idea to create a series of education kits for children, teens, teachers and parents. The timeline was relatively tight and some of the usual team were on leave so they needed the help of an external consultant to scope, draft and create the kits to showcase defence technology.

Our solution

The Innovate Communicate team produced three kits, covering three age groups: upper primary, lower secondary and upper secondary.

This project involved:

  • researching the (pretty amazing) advanced food bar that’s been created especially for Defence personnel
  • interviewing Defence staff
  • mapping out key concepts to align with the Australian Curriculum (highlighted throughout using relevant codes)
  • developing up a range of fun learning resources and activities for kids, teens, parents and teachers
  • writing and editing and responding to client reviews
  • creating an overall style for all three kits that was complementary but also made them stand apart from each other
  • graphic design of the entire kits including custom artwork and layouts.

It’s worth noting that these resources use an inquiry and investigative approach underpinned by the 5Es instructional model, which outlines the phases Engage, Explore, Explain, Elaborate and Evaluate. They are also informed by the 21st Century Fluencies with the phases Define, Discover, Dream, Design, Deliver and Debrief.

Let us know what you think! (** And see if you can spot the cute rat with a pack!)


Access the kits: ‘Food: Different by design’ education kits on the Defence website.

Or view a PDF copy of the Defence webpage [PDF 113KB.]

STEM Education Kits for Defence, Covers. By Innovate Communicate
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