The need

With the COVID-19 pandemic changing the way we interact with science and the arts, there was a high demand from institutions to adapt their engagement programs.

Inspiring Australia is an Australian Government initiative that supports science engagement. They worked quickly to fund a project to support the many science organisations around Australia with guidance. From large museums and royal institutions to small, family-owned businesses; there is a range of people offering science communication, education, and experiences.


Our solution

Claire was commissioned by Refraction Media to research and write the majority of the content for this first-ever Virtual Excursions manual for Inspiring Australia. Claire drew on her professional experience, consulted the latest ‘good practice guidelines, and also included case studies after interviewing people in the industry.

The three parts in the guide are:


Thank you to Refraction Media for commissioning Innovate Communicate to work on this project.



Access the full training manual here: Virtual Excursions Training Manual

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