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The need

Claire attended the Global Coworking Unconference Conference, in August in Melbourne on behalf of the North Sydney Innovation Network. This network is focused on creating a hub for collaboration and community with an innovation focus.

Coworking — defined as the practice of working alongside people in a shared workplace but not necessarily from a shared organisational affiliation — is a growing trend. The growth of coworking is underpinned by changing work culture. 

There are challenges to this growth including that landlords like to receive stable incomes. The idea of lots of different people coming and going and incomes for their tenants varying from month to month doesn’t align well with their risk profiles.


Our solution

This article covered: Coworking industry and how it grows over time. Also the benefits of coworking and how it can be profitable.



You can read the whole article about coworking in Australia at Startup Grind.

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