In anything we do as humans we need communication skills. In business or on projects where we are innovating and trying to change things, communication skills are even more critical.

Here are five things to think about:

  1. Why are you doing what you’re doing? Getting this straight will help ground the messaging that you use in all your communications and promotions. For example on your website and when you meet people. Having this sorted provides you with a confidence boost as you’ll have a solid message to communicate.
  2. Listening. this is an often underrated aspect of the business. But without it you cannot achieve multi-way communication. It’s all well and good to have something to blast out to the world but if you aren’t listening to what comes back then you’re not serving yourself or your customer.
  3. Visuals. Make sure you have really focused on what your profile looks like. Do you have a colour palette that encourages the response you want eg. calming or exciting? Do you have a great mix of space and content on your website so it projects a professional image? Do you smile when you are talking about your business? (It’s true that not everyone responds to visual cues but there’s no doubt they are important.)
  4. Creativity and variety. Don’t be afraid to channel your creativity and try different things. We are all turned on by different things so have a go at doing something different or putting your story out to a different audience through a new magazine. See what happens and then respond.
  5. Keep going. Don’t give up. Obviously, this applies to lots of things in life eh? But just keep communicating and if something doesn’t work, learn from it and improve for next time…

Do you follow different fundamentals? Would enjoy hearing what works for you. Comment below.

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