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Canberra families and children got creative

Workshop participants were invited to tell a story about their Brave Bots. Storytelling is an important skill for life as well as engaging with science, technology, engineering and maths. 

In the online workshop, viewers are shown how to make a brave bot and how to do a stop motion animation, using the Stop Motion app.

All submissions were welcome. We didn’t mind what you created  — from art, stories/poems, videos, animations — because you’ve had fun, gained new skills and thought about someone else.

Don’t worry, if you haven’t created something but want to, check out these resources to help you with your creation check out this folder (Google folder).

Prize-winning submissions

Congratulations to all of you for your creativity! 

Climbing a dangerous mountain, dodging boulders

Levi from Bonner in the ACT is 11. He created a stop motion animation video about Brave Bots climbing a dangerous mountain and dodging boulders. “They made it,” he says.

Levi’s message to people who are unwell or need some joy in their lives: “Be Brave. Be creative.”

Brave bots in the ocean

Ruth from Bonner in the ACT is 8. She created a stop motion animation video about Brave Bots swimming in the ocean. They meet a turtle.

“It looks like it swallows them but, actually, it didn’t. They climb on her back for a ride,” she said.

When asked to share a message to people who are unwell or need some joy in their lives, Ruth said: “Turn the music up loud and make brave bots, it will make you feel better.”

Sky Dragon Brave Bot

By Xanthe from Macgregor, ACT.

This bot will help anyone be brave.

Xanthe’s message for those who are unwell or need some joy? “Everything will improve.”

The eagle-eyed among us will see a super cute creature on Xanthe’s bot’s tummy.

Special note: Within an hour of the online brave bot workshop finishing Claire had received an email from Xanthe and Astrid’s mum. The backyard was abuzz, she said as bot building was underway.

See more photos of the backyard bot-building on Instagram or Facebook. (Images shared with permission.)



Oliver’s Bots 2021

Oliver, 5 from Florey, ACT submitted a stunning series of bot designs.

He said: “These are my bot designs. There are some love bots, some hope bots, some bots that can help around, and some bots can fight in wars.”

When asked what he would say to unwell people or those needing some joy in their lives, he said: “I hope they will feel better soon. It is not nice to feel lonely.”


KitCat Kitty Imagination Bot

By Astrid, 9 from Macgregor, ACT.

What incredible imagination!

Astrid says of KitCat Kitty: “She is based on a familiar animal to increase connection. KitCat Kitty can do things and hold things for you so you can focus.”

Astrid’s message to people who are unwell or need some joy in their lives: “Get well soon.”

Watch the Brave Bot Workshop

The workshop lives on, in all it’s glory, on this website and on YouTube.

Copyright notice: Copyright for the above artwork remains the property of the entrant. The artwork remains the participant’s intellectual property and will be used for non-commercial purposes only. Artists must be credited when artwork is displayed or shared online. Innovate Communicate, National Science Week, Inspiring Australia, and our supporting partners reserve the right to use, share and promote any artwork that is submitted.

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