Mikaela Jade

Indigenous entrepreneur, Founder and CEO, Technology, education and social enterprise

“I think doing what I do, as an indigenous woman, amplifies that message out to all the women and girls that want to start their own indigenous-based technology companies, that you can do it.”

– Mikaela Jade

Full bio

Mikaela Jade is a Cabrogal Woman from the Dharug-speaking Nations of Sydney. She started her technology journey in 2012 with an idea that would help shape our nation – augmented and mixed reality production, and later, digital skills programs to leapfrog First Peoples’ in to the Fourth Industrial Revolution.

To drive this idea forward, Mikaela created Indigital in 2014. On the journey so far she has partnered with several remote Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander communities, Microsoft Australia, Telstra, Telstra Purple and Shared Path Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Corporation to scale our work nationally. 

Her vision is Indigenous Peoples’ capitalising on their Cultural Intelligence (CQ) x Digital Intelligence (DQ) for sustainable communities. Mikaela says her purpose is to prepare other Indigenous Peoples to capitalise on their Cultural Intelligence x Digital Intelligence for sustainable communities. She achieves this by ensuring Indigenous Peoples’ have access to developing cutting edge, safe, ethical, affordable, quality digital engagement that is appropriate to their social, cultural, environmental and economic needs.

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Have a go at augmented reality!

Indigital Schools is an Indigenous designed digital skills training program for Indigenous and non-Indigenous kids and teens.

Connect with and learn from Elders about cultural knowledge, history and language… Learn digital skills in cutting-edge technologies like augmented reality, animation and coding. Bring what you learn to life by creating animated characters and stories using Paint 3D, Minecraft and Blender applications. Then share them with friends and family.

Try out a sample of our AR experience for yourself!

  • Download the Digital Custodians app from Apple store
  • Scan the QR code below
  • Once content has loaded, move your phone so the camera can detect a flat surface (like a table) and tap on the screen to place the AR content in the real world.

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