Canberra Women of Science and Art: Gallery of Submissions



Some amazing entries to our competition have been submitted! Scroll through all the categories below.

8 years and Under: Lulu, 7 (Golden Sun Moth)
9-12 years: Aliya, 10 (Jelly-boy costume)
13-17 years: Beth, 16 (‘Everything’ inspired by Julia Landford)
Family group: The Wynstra Family (Cooper’s Message to People Everywhere)
Wildcard: Lily, 14 (Portrait of Maddie Diamond)

Highly Commended:
Frankie, 9 (Ocean bot)
Niamh, 13 (Manga illustration)

8 years and under

Lulu, 7

Lulu, 7 (Entry 1)

I did the sun moth project and wanted to design my own moth that camouflages and looks like it has owl eyes on its wings.

Lulu, 7

Lulu, 7 (Entry 2)

We moved house and I wanted to see what kind of birds lived around my new house, so I drew them and then made a graph so I could count them. We have lots of fairy wrens that visit. I love animals, birds and all creatures. I love drawing too, especially Wrens as my middle name is Wren!

Lulu, 7
Lulu, 7

9 – 12 years

Aliya, 10

Aliya, 10 (Entry 1)

This is my ‘Jelly-Boy’ costume for my school’s Book Week Parade! I passed on the message that we should help to protect sea creatures by not throwing plastic bags into the ocean where they can cause harm.

Aliya, 10

Aliya, 10 (Entry 2)

Frankie, 9
Frankie, 9

Frankie, 9

A machine to clean the ocean so that the sea animals, coral and sea can grow and not have litter and pollution ruining it.

13 – 17 years

Beth, 16

Beth, 16

My piece ‘Everything’ is inspired by Julia Landford and the way she is able to incorporate what she does in her everyday life. The middle part of my painting is Julia herself on a hike through Marramarang. I truly admire Julia’s ability to draw in aspects of her life- hobbies like hiking and photography into her work. The surrounding paintings of plants and bugs are native to Papua New Guinea and Australia. Drawing upon her native roots which I believe is important to carry through you life in what you do.

Family group

The Wynstra Family

The video is about the family dog, Cooper, being taken for a walk on a hill near our home. The dog finds some rubbish and wishes that the humans could keep the environment clean. The idea is for the council to use drone footage to track rubbish in the local parks and then use their resources in the areas that need it.

Wildcard: 18+ and/or interstate (outside ACT)

Lily, 14

Lily, 14, Tas

A quick portrait of Maddie Diamond done while listening to the inspiring webinar.

Niamh, 13

Niamh, 13, Qld

This piece of art was inspired by the idea of insects and the natural wonders of this world. I used my own style, which is most similar to manga or cartoons.

Comics by our graphic designer Jessica Riese 

Jess made these incredible comics for the event, to showcase the speakers and inspire our participants. Click on each comic to make them larger and read the text!

Maddie Diamond comic
Megan Gilmour comic
Julia Landford comic
3x one panel comics with quotes from Mikaela Jade, Megan Gilmour and Maddie Diamond
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