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Why us?

Innovate Communicate is all about helping change-makers communicate their messages and make connections.

Our approach is to work with you, with an innovative mindset, to help you achieve your goals.

We are experienced in: Communication, Marketing, PR, Project Management, Governance.

Importantly, if your project doesn’t fit with our skills and experience; we will do our best to refer you to someone that can help you.

Claire Harris, Owner/Director

I’m someone that sees potential and gets fired up helping people realise it. I believe that science, technology and sustainability can contribute to society in profound ways. And through engaging and collaborating with others, this contribution can be more effective.

My background is in science and marketing-communication and I have particular experience in the health, agricultural and environmental fields. Find out more about me on LinkedIn.

Professional memberships include: Australian Marketing Institute and Australian Science Communicators.


Innovate Communicate is supported by team members with skills and experience in:

  • graphic design, video and animation
  • digital marketing and social media
  • writing and PR
  • website development.

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